The Recruitment Consultant: How They Help Companies Hire Employees

  • Katama Consulting
  • May 2019

The hiring process has changed dramatically over the years. Long gone are the days of sending a resume after seeing an ad in a newspaper; today’s jobs are filled online and through more sophisticated networking than was used in the past. Today, many companies rely on a recruitment consultant. Here are some of the tasks these consultants take on.

Establishing Goals

Recruitment entails finding the right employees for a company’s needs, and consultants will work with companies to narrow down their job requirements as finely as possible. In some cases, ideal candidates might not be available. A recruitment consultant can help create a list of priorities that best mesh with the company’s needs.


Job-hunters use more resources for seeking out jobs than ever before. As a result, companies looking to hire the best candidates need to throw a wide net. Consultants will work through a variety of channels to reach as large an audience as possible, and their work will help build a large pool of potential candidates to consider.


In some cases, there might not be enough qualified candidates currently on the job market, and companies will need to lure employees from other companies. By building networks and searching through databases, a recruitment consultant can find the right people to target and create a compelling pitch.

Background and References Checks

Job candidates aren’t always fully honest on their resumes, and companies risk hiring the wrong people if they don’t investigate their backgrounds. Furthermore, laws and insurance plans might eliminate some candidates from certain jobs. Consultants can work through the background check process and check in on references to find the right people to target.

Coordinating Interviews

No matter how strong a job candidate looks on paper, the interview process is crucial for ensuring a candidate is the right fit. Consultants can handle the process of scheduling and, in some cases, conducting interviews with potential employees. Some consultants will also prepare summaries of interviews to help companies compare potential candidates.

Negotiating and Onboarding

After selecting job candidates, a recruitment consultant can help companies work through the negotiation process. After a candidate is hired, consultants can help with the onboarding process so new hires can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Hiring the right employees is critical to running a successful business. As jobs become more technical and fields become more competitive, finding the perfect match for employees and companies is becoming more challenging. At Katama Consulting Group, we help companies develop thorough and effective hiring processes and can provide help along the way. Contact us to find out more.


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