Finding Your Ideal Candidate Does Not Have to Be an Impossible Task

  • Katama Consulting
  • June 2019

As a company with a need to fill a vacant position in upper management or C-level, you may wonder if your search could be helped by a professional recruitment firm. Before kicking off your campaign, there are a few factors to consider regarding the suitability of either conducting the search in-house or outsourcing the project.

What Does an Executive Search Firm Do?

A successful executive search firm will take your requirements and find you an ideal candidate for the role. Because we focus solely on recruitment, we have deep reaching roots that provide us with a larger pool of candidates than that of your in-house HR team. We’ll utilize our contacts, professional network, and industry expertise to source the most qualified candidates available.

In-House or Outsourced?

While there are benefits to both approaches, when conducting an executive search, the stakes are much higher than when a lower level employee is being sought. For instance, internal personnel will have a deeper understanding of the corporate culture than an outside firm. Conversely, a specialized firm such as our own may have access to candidates that your own HR team may not. Whether you use an outside firm or opt to conduct the search in-house, finding the right candidate remains imperative.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Professional Executive Search Firm

In addition to our wider reach and a larger pool of candidates, executive search teams will conduct a more robust screening process, and we also possess a greater understanding of how some candidates may not actually measure up to their resumes. The impact that executives and other high-level employees have on the overall health and culture of the firm can be significant. Executive search firms understand how to attract, screen, and evaluate the prospective candidates, as this is our key area of specialization.

Is a Recruitment Firm the Right Solution for Your Search?

If you have a clear idea of the skills and abilities that your ideal candidate will possess but lack the time or expertise to follow through, then turning the actual search process over to a professional recruitment firm may make a lot of sense. We’ll ensure that you meet with the most qualified candidates, and we will also provide all screening duties to ensure that the skill set that the candidates possess is an authentic match with the firm’s needs.

Doesn’t it make sense to utilize the best tools available for your search process? Katama Consulting Group possesses the expertise necessary to find your ideal candidate and would love to discuss your recruitment needs with you. Give us a call at (508) 687-0496 and let’s talk.


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