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  • Katama Consulting
  • July 2019

Employer branding is becoming an indisputable asset that allows organizations to attract the right candidate for a job. As the current workforce of baby boomers begins to retire, the incoming population of candidates is considerably smaller. Companies must respond to this trend by focusing on what makes their company attractive to the right potential employee.

Why Is Employer Branding Important?

In the same way that employers research potential candidates, applicants research the companies they apply to. If your company is unfamiliar to most potential employees, it is even more important to present the right information.

The “best” employers get nearly twice as many job applications as other companies, which, in turn, increases the variety and size of the pool they must choose from when picking a candidate. But, how do you become one of the “best” companies? A large part of it is centered around employer brand. It not only determines whether high-quality candidates will apply to your job, but also communicates benefits for the potential employee and increases positive word of mouth. Recent research conducted by Glassdoor found that more than 4,600 people using the job search engine are looking to see reviews posted over the past six months or more recently.

In the same vein, just being known may not be enough. A study revealed that familiarity did not influence young jobseekers when looking to apply for a position; however, the company’s employer brand image was an important indicator of whether the jobseekers were attracted to the organization. The rising workforce of the future is looking for companies that have certain characteristics that satisfy specific needs. These may be functional, economic or psychological.

Katama Consulting Employer Branding

The Outcome of Effective Employer Branding

Employer branding is starting to become widely used in HR and in how companies market themselves. Employers should focus on the unique benefits that the company brings to potential employees. Economic benefits are clear, how the company aids potential employees economically and how this position within the market can help to increase the likelihood of attracting the right candidates. Functional attributes include qualities such as salary, company benefits, health care coverage and leave allowances, things that are tangible, sometimes written agreements, that come with a contract. Symbolic or psychological benefits would include attributes such as work culture, career development opportunities and the advantage of working for a well-regarded company.

Outlining how your company provides unique benefits to your employees in your self-promotion increases your likelihood of finding the right candidate for a position. Companies that create positive brand images have a greater potential to create positive attitudes among potential applicants, differentiate themselves from competitors and create tangible and intangible value for the company.

How to Create and Maintain a Brand Image

There are some tips and tricks to helping maintain a good employer brand that can help attract the right potential employees: 

  • Maintaining an online reputation is one of the most important factors. As a company it is extremely valuable to keep up-to-date on a career website that allows the applicant to view what a job at your company looks like. Utilize online search engines to respond to feedback.
  • Offer internships. These may develop strong relationships with future potential employees which create loyalty to the company and pay back in not only employment, but positive word of mouth.
  • Align your brand management platform with Human Resources. HR will be able to better help your company by providing feedback and resources for your current and potential employees.

In the end, creating a strong and lasting employer brand will take dedication and hard work. Visit to see how Katama can help your company find the best candidates for the job.




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