Employer Branding

  • Katama Consulting
  • July 2019

Employer branding is becoming an indisputable asset that allows organizations to attract the right candidate for a job. As the current workforce of baby boomers begins to retire, the incoming population of candidates is considerably smaller. Companies must respond to this trend by focusing on what makes their company attractive to the right potential employee. Why Is Employer Branding Important? In the same way that employers research potential candidates, applicants research the companies they apply to. If your company is...

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Finding Your...

  • Katama Consulting
  • June 2019

As a company with a need to fill a vacant position in upper management or C-level, you may wonder if your search could be helped by a professional recruitment firm. Before kicking off your campaign, there are a few factors...

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The Recruitment...

  • Katama Consulting
  • May 2019

The hiring process has changed dramatically over the years. Long gone are the days of sending a resume after seeing an ad in a newspaper; today's jobs are filled online and through more sophisticated networking than was used in the...

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